Links to all the places

Links to all the places

Work With Me!

Need help with your podcast? Want singing lessons? A branding song written for you? Or book me for a gig? Get in touch!

Blog: How to Raise Resilient Kids

Check out my blog on raising resilient kids on Debbie Doo’s website

'I Like Me' Livvi Tee via The Awaken label

These gorgeous, ethically sourced tees for kids and ladies are on sale now! 


Get in, get out, learn what you need to know and START YOUR PODCAST! 

It will only happen when you DECIDE!

Talking Kids Entertainment in Clubhouse

Come join Sarah Morrisey, Bethany Fischer, Louise Larkin, myself and others 1pm Thursday 28th January 2021

Spotify Playlist: Social DisDANCING for Kids

Created by Angie Who, this features a whole gang of Independent Australian kids music makers…we call ourselves K-Indie Krew, or The Avengers for Kids as Pevan and Sarah put it 😜
Take a listen and find some new favourites!

Stay home, stay sane x

Spotify Playlist: Healthy Mind and Body

Make staying home fun for the whole family with this great mix of songs put together by the Mik Maks

Get the Music! Stream, download or buy the CD

This link takes you to all the ways you can get my music

Spotify Playlist: Songs for Confidence, Resilience & Empowerment

Songs to make you and your kids feel GOOD, RESILIENT, CONFIDENT, HAPPY and READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD!

There are pop songs and children’s songs. Songs by me (of course), Pevan and Sarah, B Minor Music, Lah-Lah, Tiptoe Giants, Nay Nay, Pharrell Williams, Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Shakira…..and, well, heaps more.

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