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Thank you!

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The Album – Song Samples and Descriptions (click to expand)

1. Underwater Garden

A fun and jazzy, swing style song that takes children to a magical place under the sea, where they meet dancing mermaids and dolphins, who just want to teach them that they have everything they need.

I have done this song with children in child care centres, using a big piece of blue lycra that all the children shake to make waves. We have added felt fish and bounced them on the lycra.

Music by Phil de Sousa. Lyrics by Livvi

2. I'm Ready Now

I wrote this song after being challenged by my friend to write a song on the topic, the day the Wiggles released their toilet training song. I got inspired and wrote the song in around 20 minutes!

This song actually fits in with my theme of encouraging confident kids. The song is about trusting that the child will get there when they are ready. It's about letting them know we believe in them. It's about celebrating the incredible learning they have already achieved. It's about cheering them on.

Words and music by Livvi

3. A is for Apple

This song features letters pronounced in different ways, so that children learn the tricky English ways without having to stress about it. Examples include "KNitting Kangaroo", "Cycling Cat" "Great Giraffe and more.  This is a fun song with children can do actions to, and the sound effects for the various words are lots of fun.

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Music by Phil de Sousa. Words by LIvvi

4. I Like Me No Matter What

Sometimes we let the words of others hurt us. It's OK that we are human and sometimes let words get to us. Sometimes we just need a listening ear and empathy.

But it is possible to achieve the kind of self love that makes us resilient to other's opinions. And that's a goal worth aiming for. Worth emulating. This song is meant to encourage self love, with some humour.

Words and music by Livvi

5. I'm Me!

Self love is not the same thing as arrogance. Self love means accepting yourself as you are, flaws and all. It means not thinking you're better or worse than anyone else.  To exist is a miracle.  It's worth celebrating. 

Words and music by Livvi


6. Garage Band


Pure fun. Let's your kids rock out to this retro glam rock 80's style power track! 

Plus it teaches musical concepts. Soft, loud, slow and fast. And the concept of opposites. Ideal to use in music group time in the class room, child care centre or kindergarten. 

Words and music by Livvi


7. Can You Jump Like Jolly Joey?

Fun action song with clear instructions they can follow. Jolly Joey is a puppet character I use in class with children. She is a baby kangaroo. Children get to jump (their favourite thing ever!), plus waddle like penguins, run like emus, climb like quokkas, dance, stretch and then jump some more!

They also get to sing along to this question and answer style song. Also features Phil de Sousa on vocals.

Music by Phil de Sousa. Words by Livvi.


8. Don't Wake the Bear

Action song with a story line. Children get to go walking up and down the mountain in search of the sleepy bear who lives in a cave. When they wake the bear up, they have to run back over the mountain to the safety of home. Children can also choose to play the part of the bear, if they prefer.

Music by Phil de Sousa. Words by Livvi.

9. Scrub a Dub Dub


I put the call out to my followers on social media and asked what they would like me to write about. Several begged, "Please help us with getting children to happily have a shower or bath, and to be able to wash their hair without the neighbours wondering what on earth all the protesting is about!" 

Luckily, a little while later, my son starting babbling the 'words' "Scrub a dub dub, dubba dub dub dub" while in the shower one time. I leapt on it as the basis for a song. And here it is. 

I have used this song as an action / dance song for children. You can get them scrubbing up and crossing the midline as you go 🙂 


Words and music by Livvi. 

10. G.F.E.D.C.

This song teaches the names of musical notes and what pitch they refer to. When you sing, "G" you are actually singing the G note and so on. It is helpful for children to practice being able to recite the letters 'backwards'. The Solfège method 'Do Re Mi' is also covered. This song is fun for children to sing along to, and it is also ideal for group music classes for young children. 

Music and words by Livvi. 

11. Got Myself a Car

Beep! Beep!

What child doesn't like driving a toy car? Some of the lyrics were inspired by watching my son play in his 'Little Tikes' car in the backyard with his friends, or in the one at his grand parents' place.

Get out the cardboard box, maybe stick on paper plate wheels, and have fun playing this one out.

Music by Phil de Sousa. Words by Phil de Sousa and Livvi

12. Everyday Ordinary Things

When attending a Trinity Kids class, the teacher mentioned how great it is that we have running water in our homes, an inside toilet and other ordinary things we often don't think about. She was emphasising the importance of gratitude. 

It got me inspired to write a song about these 'everyday ordinary things'. The challenge was, whenever I thought about what to include in the song, I realised maybe not everyone listening would actually have that thing.  Which emphasises why we really should remember to notice and be grateful for what we do have. 

Words and music by Livvi

13. Hey Robbie

Dedicated to my son. Coz we love him. 

Music by Phil de Sousa. Words by Phil de Sousa and Livvi

14. A Hero Will Come

If I have a message for children, it's to 'be as you as you can be'. It's not a unique or original message. Which is good, because this message needs to be reinforced and repeated in lots of ways as much as possible. Each time we hear it we understand it on a deeper lever and live it a bit more. 

The message of this song is that you are the hero. The strength and power is inside you. 

Music by Phil de Sousa. Words by Phil de Sousa and Livvi. 


15. Play This Rhythm

This song teaches the Kodaly method for learning rhythm. Ti ti = 2 eighth notes. Ta = a quarter note. This song is ideal for group music time with children. Or simply at home. 

Words and music by Livvi

16. Piratey Adventure

This is not any ordinary song. This is an EPIC adventure. This piece gets children steering the ship, climbing the mast to the lookout, finding and reaching land, searching for clues, crawling through tunnels, walking tight ropes, running, climbing, rolling and racing up a mountain before racing to find the hidden treasure on the top of the mountain. Who will get there first? Yaaaar! 

I told my producer I wished I could have male pirate voices in it and he stepped up and did a brilliant job. It gets me smiling whenever I listen to the track. Thank you Drew Lane!

Music by Phil de Sousa. Words by Livvi. 


Special thanks to my talented brother, who composed the music to many of the tracks. 

Produced by the amazing Drew Lane. I can’t thank you enough. Yaaaar!

My support crew. My family. My mentor Carlie Maree and the SoulBiz and Powerhouse chicks. My friends and everyone on social media who cheers me on. 

And, special thanks to Snoop Dogg for reminding me to thank myself!